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Daniel Rivera, Ph. D.

Adjunct Instructor

Madison Hall, room 217M

P.O.Box 43700
Lafayette, LA  70504
(337) 482-6430


2009 - B.S. University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, Chemistry
2015 - Ph.D. University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, Applied Chemistry

Research interests

  • Nanotechnology: Quantum dots (QD’s) are zero-dimensional semiconducting nanocrystals that have electronic and optical properties different from their bulk counterparts. QD’s have attracted much attention due to their potential applications in sensing, drug delivery and catalysis. Traditional QD’s are composed of heavy metals such as Fe, Pb and Cd. I am interested in developing “green” alternatives to heavy metal based quantum dots. My previous work with calcium-based nanostructures demonstrated that they are a viable alternative with a quantum yield comparable to their cadmium-based counterparts. I am interested in developing metal sulfide nanostructures and studying their electronic, optical and thermal properties.
  • Biomedical sciences: With the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria, there is a need for the development of a new generation of antibiotic agents. I am interested in studying metal sulfide nanomaterials with different degrees of functionalization as alternative antimicrobial agents. According to recent studies, the composition, size and oxidation state of a nanoparticle are factors that can alter the antibiological activity of a given nanomaterial. My interest is the systematic study using experimental procedures as well as theoretical models for the prediction of antibacterial activity for a series of nanoscaled materials.  
  • Environmental science: The use of pesticides in agriculture can lead to pollution of halogenated organic compounds (HOC’s) in water. The detrimental effects are severe, including toxicity to mammalian and non-mammalian organisms, through skin contact or ingestion. There is a need for the development of sequestering HOC’s from our bodies of water. I am interested in developing functionalized nanostructures for the detection and removal of HOC’s from aqueous media. Successful design and synthesis of nanomaterials that can serve as filters for HOC’s can lead to improvement of water quality in a region affected by agricultural practices or pesticide use in general.

List of publications

  1. Muñoz-Forti, K; Figueroa, M.; Torres, B.; Bernard, F.; Rivera, D.; Castro, M.E. and Suarez, E. Calcium sulfide (CaS) nanostructure treatment on non-small cell lung cancer. The FASEB journal, 30 (1) 1099.4. 2016. 
  2. Rivera-Vazquez, D.; Santiago-Rodriguez, Y.; González, M.A.; Castro, M.E. Quantum Confinement Effects in Calcium Sulfide: The Role of Indirect Transitions in the Red Shift of the Band Edge in Semiconductor Nanoparticles. MRS proceedings Spring 2014. [ ]
  3. Rivera, D.; et al. Killing cancer cells with nanotechnology: the effect of CaS nanostructures on the cell replication rate and survival of human mammary adenocarcinoma cell lines. The FASEB Journal. 28 (1) 780.9. 2014.
  4. Carrasco, N.; Ortiz, C.; Quiñones, J.; Feliciano, G.; Ortiz, A.; Rivera, D.; Castro, M. Suarez, E. Use of levitated cells n3D BiOAssay system to determine cytotoxicity of calcium sulfide (CaS) clusters in malignant cells as potential cancer cell targeted therapy (LB583). The FASEB Journal. 04/2014.
  5. Manoharan-Valerio, M.; Ortiz, C.; Quiñones, J.; Feliciano, G.; Diaz, A.; Rivera, D.; Castro, M.; Suarez, E. Determination of the IC50 and LD50 of calcium sulfide (CaS) clusters on malignant carcinoma and normal fibroblasts cell lines (LB580). The FASEB Journal. 04/2014.
  6. González, M.; Rivera, D.; Marcelino, A.; Agront, G.; Rodriguez, R.; Castro, M. The effect of silver nanofibers on the deformation properties of blood vessels: towards the development of new nanotechnologies to prevent rupture of aneurysms. Journal of nanomaterials, 2014.
  7. Ferrer, E.; Nater, S.; Rivera, D.; Colon, J. M.; Zayas, F.; Gonzalez, M.; Castro, M. E. Turning “on” and “off” nucleation and growth: microwave assisted synthesis of CdS clusters and nanoparticles. Materials Research Bulletin, 47, 2012, 3835-3843.
  8. Mercado, E.; Santiago, S.; Baez, L.; Rivera, D.; González, M.; Rivera, M.; León, M.; Castro, M.E. One dimensional silver nanostructures on single wall carbon nanotubes: evidence for energy transfer by electric field coupling in plasmonic particles. Nanoscale Research Letters, 2011, 6:602.


  1. Rivera, D. and Castro, M.E. Synthesis of Calcium Sulfide (CaS) Nanoparticles U.S. Patent 8,945,494, 2015. February 2015