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Yu Wang, Ph. D.

Associate Professor

Montgomery Hall, Room 130

P.O. Box 43700
Lafayette, LA 70504

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Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon Univ. Pittsburgh, PA, USA., 2013
Visiting student, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Univ. of Goettingen, Goettingen, Germany, 2011
M.S. in Material Sci. & Eng., Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua Univ. Beijing, China, 2008
B.S. in Polymer Sci. & Eng., Department of Chemical Engineering, Qingdao Univ. Qingdao, China, 2003

Professional Career:

2016 - present: Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette, LA, USA 
2016: Postdoctoral fellow, Centre de Recherches sur les Macromolecules Végétales, CNRS, Grenoble, France
2015: Postdoctoral fellow, Max-Planck-Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz, Germany

Research Interest:

My research focuses on pursuing more efficient synthetic methods and achieving higher level perfection in the design of polymer architectures via controlled/living polymerization methods; and the study of applications of polymeric materials with well-defined structures in organic electronics, batteries, nanodiagnostics, and therapeutics, stimuli-responsive materials, etc.

Current research topics include 1) Synthesis of ultrahigh molecular weight polymers with tailored molecular structures; 2) Efficient synthesis of bottlebrush polymers by ATRP and click polymerization; 3) Application of polymeric materials in solid Li metal batteries.


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  • Y Wang*, ATRP of Methyl Acrylate by Continuous Feeding of Activators Giving Polymers with Predictable End-Group Fidelity. Polymers 2019, 11, 1238.
  • Y Wang* Smart Polymeric Nanoparticles: Combining Targeted Delivery, Imaging and Therapy into One Nanomedicine Platform. Journal of Bioanalysis & Biomedicine 2017, 9, 269-271.
  • Y Wang, P Krys, K Matyjaszewski, S Harrisson. Radical Generation and Termination in SARA ATRP of Methyl Acrylate: Effect of Solvent, Ligand, and Chain Length. Macromolecules 2016, 49, 2977-2984.
  • Konkolewicz, D.; Krys, P.; Gois, J. R.; Mendonca, P. V.; Zhong, M.; Wang, Y.; Gennaro, A.; Isse, A. A.; Fantin, M.; Matyjaszewski, K. Aqueous RDRP in the Presence of Cu-0: The Exceptional Activity of Cu-I Confirms the SARA ATRP Mechanism. Macromolecules 2014, 47, 560-570.
  • Konkolewicz, D.; Wang, Y.; Krys, P.; Zhong, M.; Isse, A. A.; Gennaro, A.; Matyjaszewski, K. SARA ATRP or SET-LRP. End of controversy? Polym. Chem. 2014, 5, 4396-4417.

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