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Current Students

As you progress through your degree program, you will find that the content of the courses covers issues relevant to all disciplines of chemistry. In each of the different disciplines, you will find relationships to the world around you.

Make the most of your time with us and take the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in all that the program and the university have to offer. Our Faculty and Staff are all dedicated to helping you in reaching your goals:

Tips for success:

  • Meet with your advisor early and often to make the best decisions about your education path
  • Utilize the free Tutoring in Lee Hall's Learning Center
  • Get to know your peers; we have a small community of chemistry majors who follow each other throughout their careers
  • Develop relationships with your faculty members and take advantage of their knowledge and expertise, as some of them will transition into professional mentors whom you will call upon during the course of your career. Request meetings with the faculty to talk about research opportunities.
  • Stay informed about the department, college, and the University by keeping up with current news and events.
  • Get involved. Joining SAACS is a great way to become involved beyond the classroom are more successful academically, develop more friendships and connections, gain personal and professional experience. Remember that involvement looks good on your resume. 

Laboratory Safety Rules and Agreement