A Custom Education

Through our chemistry program, you can earn your Bachelor of Science in Chemistry — but you have choices.

You can earn either an American Chemical Society-certified degree or a non-American Chemical Society degree. The first means you'll have a rigorous curriculum that prepares you for work as a chemist; the second means you can customize your curriculum to include a broad range of courses outside chemistry.

Real Experience

At UL Lafayette, you are going to see all the complexities of chemistry right in front of you.

Our programs focus on the theory behind chemistry, but then you're going to put those theories to practice. You'll see it all — not just think about it.

Real Knowledge

Our faculty members are teaching topics they love — and they want to share that love of chemistry with you.

You'll get a deep understanding of the different areas of chemistry, and you can even conduct research alongside your professors.

Department of Chemistry

Chemistry is truly the central science.

Within the broad field of chemistry, you'll find ways to apply math, physics, engineering, biology, and technology. Chemistry is a discipline that explains, at the most fundamental level, the true composition of the world around us, why things change, and how changes occur. Since the days of Aristotle, mankind has been attempting to master these concepts, and through chemistry, we've had amazing discoveries and insights into a world that's hidden to our naked eye.

In our curriculum, we focus on both the conceptual understanding of matter and its changes as well as the quantitative aspects of predicting and measuring these properties. We offer programs in traditional chemistry, pre-medical, and pre-pharmacy studies. We also offer dual degree programs with chemical engineering and biology. Our program provides flexibility and selection to meet individual student needs and aspirations.

We are proud to be an American Chemical Society (ACS) certified department. This certification ensures that you will receive a fundamental and professionally recognized chemical education, which is an excellent preparation for a plethora of careers, as well as for graduate or professional schools. Our graduates have successfully completed rigorous course requirements as well as earned vital research experience.