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ACS Certified Degree

Not every chemistry degree is equal.

Students seeking a higher level of respect and recognition in their field of study should focus on an American Chemical Society (ACS) Certified Degree. Employers find overall that graduates possessing ACS Certified Degrees are better prepared for employment. Graduate schools tend to look more favorably on applicants with this type of chemistry degree.

Students will take courses in all of the major areas of chemistry: organic, analytical, physical, inorganic, biological, and polymer chemistry. Laboratory research with the guidance of a professor is required. In short, choosing to pursue an ACS certified degree is a very wise first step in your career pathway in the scientific community.

According to the American Chemical Society:

“Graduates who attain a certified degree must often complete requirements that exceed those of the degree-granting institution, but this comprehensive undergraduate experience provides an excellent foundation for a career in the molecular sciences. A certified degree signifies that a student has completed an integrated, rigorous program which includes introductory and foundational course work in chemistry and in-depth course work in chemistry or chemistry-related fields. Their certified degree also emphasizes laboratory experience and the development of professional skills needed to be an effective chemist. Certification gives a student an identity as a chemist and helps in the transition from undergraduate studies to professional studies or employment." (From Undergraduate Professional Education in Chemistry: ACS Guidelines and Evaluation Procedures for Bachelor’s Degree Programs, Spring 2008)

So start your journey into professional chemistry today.