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American Chemical Society Student Chapter

The American Chemical Society Student Chapter (ACSSC) is an organization designed to guide, support, and motivate undergraduates in chemical science majors. The members of ACSSC participate in a wide range of activities intended to enhance their educational experience as well as preparing them for leadership roles.

What do we do?

Community service is a large part of ACSSC. Students participate in outreach programs to local high schools. They perform demonstrations and explain the science behind the spectacle at Science Day and Science Olympiad, where they also volunteer as judges for many events. In addition, members have the opportunity to perform charity work with Lafayette Habitat for Humanity and local endeavors to feed the needy.

With strong connections to the American Chemical Society, ACSSC members are preparing for their future careers. Many of our outstanding alumni were members of ACSSC, and have found the connections they made in the organization very helpful in finding careers after graduation.

How do I join?

The ACSSC Faculty advisor is Dr. Ryan Simon, and for more information, please email us or visit us on Facebook.