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Jennifer DeGuzman, Ph.D.


Montgomery Hall Room 133

P.O. Box 43700
Lafayette LA 70504

Educational Background:

Dr. Jennifer M. De Guzman obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry in the University of the Philippines. She then pursued graduate education in Louisiana State University under the supervision of Professor Robin L. McCarley. Her research field was in materials and analytical chemistry which focused primarily on modification of microfluidic platforms. In 2010, she graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry and thereafter served as a post-doctoral associate in Pennington Biomedical Research Center under the mentorship of Dr. Indu Kheterpal. Her research was in the emerging field of metabolomics utilizing liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) techniques. She has a total of 7 combined poster, oral presentations in national scientific conferences, and publications in peer-reviewed journals. Her latest publication is entitled “Chronic caloric restriction partially protects against age-related alteration in serum metabolome” published in AGE in 2012.

Teaching Background:

Dr. DeGuzman has 10 years of instruction experience prior to joining the faculty of the Department of Chemistry at UL. Her teaching stint started in the University of the Philippines and continued at Louisiana State University while pursuing her graduate degree. She has handled classes in General Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry.

Teaching Philosophy:

Dr. De Guzman views college education as both acquisition of information and knowledge and training. She believes that the skills students obtain while studying will help them advance in their respective career choices and have significant impact in the society.

Current endeavors:

While an active member of the faculty in the Department of Chemistry, Dr. De Guzman is finishing up on her research on the application of LC-MS-based metabolomics on the effect of exercise training on human metabolism.