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Eric R. Taylor, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Montgomery Hall, Room 111

P.O. Box 43700
Lafayette LA 70504

Essays on Current Events


Ph.D. Rutgers University 1981

Refereed Chemistry Journal papers:

  • Eric R. Taylor, “THE  THERMODYNAMICS  of  TIME  TRAVEL”, Univl. J. Chem. 3(2), 60-64 (2015)
  • Eric R. Taylor, “HUMAN  DEEP-SPACE TRAVEL and COLONIZATION– TECHNICAL ISSUES”, New Space 3(3), 154-164 (2015)
  • Eric R. Taylor, “COMMUNICABLE  DISEASE  and  HOMELAND  SECURITY: An Assessment of the US 2014 Ebola Incident”, J. Homeland Sec. & Emerg. Management, in Press August-September 2015
  • Wu Xu, Yingchun Wang, Eric Taylor, Amelie Laujac, Liyan Gao, Sergei Savikhin and Parag R. Chitnis, “Mutational analysis of photosystem I of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803: the role of four conserved aromatic residues in the j-helix of PsaB”, PloS One, 6(9), e246225, 1-11 (2011)
  • Franz A. Mautner, Eric R. Taylor, Drew M. Roszas, Salah S. Massoud, “Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Dicopper (II) and Dipalladium (II) Complexes of 1,1,2,2- tetrakis(carboxamido-2-methylpyidyl)ethane”, J. Molec. Struct. 936, 250-256 (2009)


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Domestic and Foreign Terrorism Policy:

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Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Terrorism:

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