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Learning Objectives/Outcomes

Here are the Learning Objectives/Outcomes for the Chemistry courses taught at UL Lafayette.

CHEM 101: Survey of Chemistry I

CHEM 102: Survey of Chemistry II

CHEM 107: General Chemistry I (CHEM 105)

CHEM 108: General Chemistry II (CHEM 106)

CHEM 115: General Chemistry Lab

CHEM 123: Survey of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry

CHEM 212: Survey of Chemistry for Education Majors

CHEM 221: Analytical Chemistry

CHEM 222: Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

CHEM 231: Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 232: Organic Chemistry II

CHEM 233: Organic Chemistry Lab I

CHEM 234: Organic Chemistry Lab II

CHEM 251: Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry

CHEM 252: Inorganic Chemistry Lab I

CHEM 270: Chemical Literature

CHEM 301: Physical Chemistry I

CHEM 302: Physical Chemistry II

CHEM 303: Introductory Physical Chemistry

CHEM 311: Physical Chemistry Lab I

CHEM 312: Physical Chemistry Lab II

CHEM 317: Biochemistry I

CHEM 319: Biochemistry Lab 

CHEM 320: Chemistry of Macromolecules

CHEM 401: Structure of Matter

CHEM 402G: Chemistry of Materials

CHEM 404: Advanced Physical Chemistry

CHEM 417: Biochemistry II

CHEM 430: Instrumental Analysis

CHEM 432: Advanced Organic Chemistry

CHEM 451: Inorganic Chemistry

CHEM 452: Inorganic Chemistry Lab